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Video: Scott's education tour

 Gov. Rick Scott continues his week-long tour of schools today in Orlando to hear from parents and teachers. He began in Jacksonville on Monday, where teachers raised concerns about the school grading system and basing teacher pay on a single high stakes test. And Jacksonville school board members complained the governor didn't invite them to his invitation-only event at Pinedale Elementary. We followed along with our video camera Monday, and the governor allowed us in when he spoke, but asked us to leave during the give and take with parents and teachers.

On Tuesday, Scott visited Southwest Miami Senior High where he heard about concerns over accountability rules for English-language learners and students with intellectual disabilities and Boca Raton High School, where he heard more concerns about testing, and college tuition costs.

On Wednesday, Scott stopped at Madeira Beach Fundamental in Pinealla County, where he got an earful from teachers about how their profession has been "degraded and demeaned" and others who work extra hours and spend their own money on school supplies while their pay and benefits are attacked. He also traveled to Lexington Middle School in Fort Myers, where he heard from teachers that the state's high stakes approach to its tests suppresses motivation for both struggling and high acheiving students.