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WUSF Public Media acquires Health News Florida

WUSF Public Media has acquired Health News Florida, reporter Carol Gentry's hard-hitting non-profit health news website. 

The public radio station, broadcast by the University of South Florida, will air Health News Florida content from reporters Sarah Pusateri, Sammy Mack and from Gentry herself. Editorial assistant Lottie Watts is also a new USF employee.

"Health News Florida is dissolving as a corporation as of today," Gentry said, during a quick break from first-day orientation.

The traditional Health News Florida website will continue until at least November while NPR works on a new site for the WUSF home page, according to an e-mail Gentry sent to board members.

"This is a union that will benefit both non-profit corporations and, best of all, the audience we serve throughout Florida," Gentry wrote.

Health News Florida aggregates health news articles from around the state and provides independent reporting, often with a focus on health policy. The site was previously sustained by grant money and advertising but has long struggled to make ends meet.

"I'll have a learning curve on digital recording and editing, but once that is done, I'll start learning video, too," Gentry wrote. "We plan to have radio stories at least once a week starting now, and public radio stations around the state --  or even NPR -- can use them if they want. This is obviously tremendously good news! I'm so excited I couldn't even sleep last night."

Gentry has covered health finance and policy for three decades, including at The Tampa Bay Times (then The St. Petersburg Times), The Tampa Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel and The Wall Street Journal.

Full disclosure: Reporter is a former employee of Health News Florida.