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After scoring FLOTUS interview, urban radio station pranks voter, pretends to be crude and rude Romney volunteer

Just before airing an interview with Michelle Obama this morning, the urban radio station Power 96 this morning played its regular Prank Calls with Carmen feature. This one, though, just happened to be political and just so happened to bash Mitt Romney.

The script:

Carmen: This is Carmen from the Mitt Romney campaign and I was calling…

Man: Uh, I’m an independent voter…

Carmen: An independent businessman means you’re unemployed. So do you have a job

Man: Who are you?

Carmen: How much money do you have in the bank?

Man: How much money do – say that again?

Carmen: Do you have all your teeth?

Man: I’m not getting…

Carmen: So you don’t have all your teeth

Man: Yes I have all my teeth!

Carmen: Do you or don’t you have all your teeth?

Man: What? (Hangs up).

After calling back, Carmen: Hi, this is Carmen, I believe we were disconnected.

Man: Ma’am,…

Carmen: I’m a volunteer

Man: Why are you calling back?

Carmen: Because I’m a volunteer with the Mitt Romney campaign

Man: Yeah, I understand that, but I… I…uh

Carmen: But I just wanted to…

Man: I’d like to talk to your supervisor

Carmen: I’m just trying to ask a question, OK? You’re just like the Barack Obama. You won’t shut up.

Man: This…. (Hangs up).

After calling back, Carmen: This is Carmen, what is your problem

Man: Oh, my God…

Carmen: Sir, I’m trying to make a connection with you and Mitt Romney, ok? Do you play Monopoly with real money? Mitt Romney does.

Man: Do you have a brain in your head? Do you have a brain in you’re (bleep) head?

Carmen: Do you believe the only good O-bama is Al-abama?

Man: I’m hanging up.

Carmen: Why, you don’t like Alabama?

Man: Bye, lady.

Carmen: You love Alabama. I (bleep) my cousin there. (He hangs up again).

After calling back, Carmen: Hello, my name is Carmen, I’m calling with the Mitt Romney campaign

Man: No, you’ve called me already! I’m not answering you (bleep) questions, OK

Carmen: Why not? I have one more question.

Man: No.

Carmen: Do you get an (springing noise) when you fire someone? Mitt Romney does. And he has not approved this message.

The show ended. Stay tuned, the host said, for their exclusive interview with the first lady, which was apparently conducted Thursday after the debate.

What a coincidence.

Earlier this week, word got out that volunteers with Barack Obama’s campaign were confusing their own voters by calling them and saying that early voting started Tuesday. It didn’t (although absentee ballots, which allow for a type of early voting by mail did start going out in some counties).

The Obama campaign denied that its callers said “early voting” and produced the script of its calls, but University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith indicated some people are going off script.

“Yesterday, I received live call from an @OFA_FL volunteer in Tampa. She distinctly said early voting starts today,” Smith tweeted Wednesday.

The interview with the First Lady on Power 96 was the second urban-radio interview we know of by the Obama campaign, which is trying to turn out the minority and youth vote. Obama last month gave an interview with DJ Laz, the Pimp with the Limp.