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Florida Chamber writes to Bill Nelson, Fla. Congressional delegation over understaffed MIA terminal

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is asking Sen. Bill Nelson to beef up government spending at Miami International Airport in order to address a problem of delays and missed flights.

Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last month asking for more customs officials at MIA, and the Chamber backed him up this week with a letter to Nelson and other members of the Florida Congressional delegation.

"As Gov Scott noted in his letter, the customs problem at MIA makes Florida less competitive on the international stage," Florida Chamber president David Hart wrote. "More than 30,000 international travelers missed their connecting flights at MIA after waiting for customs in August 2012."

It's not clear if the Chamber sent similar requests to Sen. Marco Rubio, or the other Republican members of congress who are from South Florida, where MIA is located.

Update: The Florida Chamber said it sent similar letters to other members of the Florida congressional delegation.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has targeted Nelson with millions of dollars in attack ads as he faces Republican challenger Rep. Connie Mack.

Read the Chamber's letter, which was re-posted by Scott's press office today, here.