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Jeb Bush Jr. on all the chatter of him running for Rep. seat now held by David Rivera

When Republicans began seriously discussing a David Rivera loss or indictment last week, the question was self-evident: Who should run for the seat?

The most-intriguing name: Jeb Bush Jr., son and namesake of the former popular governor. Here's his response to an email inquiring about the speculation:

Marc, I hope all is well and thank you for the note. We are hoping things with Congressman Rivera work out well in his tight race! If I've learned one thing in politics, its never a good idea to talk in hypotheticals, rather better to with facts. Let's see how things shake out when more of them are available. All the best, Jeb

That's not quite a yes or a no, obviously.

Still, it would be a surprise if he ran for this reason: The Bush model posits that you go out in the world, make your mark/fortune first and then run for office. JBJ right now heads up a conservative political committee aimed at Hispanics, SunPAC. And if he ever decided to run for a congressional seat in Miami, it's doubtful he'd face serious opposition.