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Jim Greer's wife threatens to spill the beans

The dishwasher is broken, the sink is leaking and Lisa Greer, wife of former GOP Chairman Jim Greer says she is about ready to spill the beans on people who could have helped them.

In a mid-afternoon posting on Facebook, Mrs. Greer described the family’s “Difficult situation,’’ saying they cannot afford repairs.

“To all of you who want to destroy Jim, is it worth it to you to hurt my children and I,’’ she wrote. “I wish that all of you will someday know the stress and pain and worry that you have brought on my family. Lawyers keep asking me to not speak out until the time is right, not to name names, but I can’t wait much longer to tell the secrets of those who could help us, but don’t.’’

Greer is awaiting trial in February on charges of fraud and money laundering in connection with the alleged theft of about $200,000 from party coffers. He contends the party owes him money as part of a 2010 severance agreement.

Mrs. Greer says she is now washing dishes in a bathtub and wishes those who owe them money would pay up.

“I am ashamed that I once thought of so many of you as friends, that I believed in you as the Christians and public servants you claimed to be,’’ she added.

By Lucy Morgan