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PolitiFact checks Adam Hasner's claims about Lois Frankel's bathroom and chopper ride

The battle between congressional candidates Lois Frankel and Adam Hasner has fallen into the toilet.

Democrat Frankel and Republican Hasner are competing in the South Florida Congressional22 district that is currently home to U.S. Rep. Allen West who has switched districts.

In Hasner’s ad "Gotta Go" the incensed female narrator says:

"That Lois Frankel is something. She gave herself a 40 percent pay raise. Charged us for a police helicopter ride to go to a dinner party. But the worst part? Frankel spent over $13,000 in taxpayer money on a marble shower in a private bathroom with her own toilet. What a waste. All that money right down the drain for her own personal use," says the narrator, as a close-up of her hand is shown flushing a white toilet.

Now the screen reveals that our narrator is sitting on a toilet next to a roll of toilet paper and a white shower curtain:

"When you gotta go, you gotta go, but that’s just ridiculous."

We’ve already checked a PAC claim about whether Frankel gave herself a 40 percent pay raise while the city lost jobs (Half True) and Hasner’s claim that she took a ride in a helicopter ride to a party (Half True).

Here we go for a deep dive about that taxpayer-funded bathroom. We will focus our fact-check on whether Frankel spent $13,000 on a marble shower in a private bathroom at City Hall. We will also touch on why she got that bathroom and how it ended up with marble. Read our fact-check here.