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Sign of confidence? Mitt Romney's positive spot looks like a closer

There are so many ads being announced by the presidential campaigns and their surrogates that it's tough to tell what's really running these days. Most are pretty negative.

Not so Mitt Romney's latest spot, "Bringing People Together," which excerpts snippets his first debate.  What makes the spot stand out was the pivot toward bipartisanship and the fact that it's a positive spot. It ran during 60 Minutes in the Miami media market -- Florida's most expensive.

Liberals will complain that this isn't the real Romney, the guy who trashed the so-called 47 percent. And it's not like Romney or his surrogates (or Obama or his surrogates) have run a positive campaign. Indeed, Karl Rove's American Crossroads latest Obama-basher ran a few moments after Romney's spot.

But Romney's looking all sunny these days. An unwritten rule of thumb in politics is that, if you're ahead, you stay positive. And by that standard (and the polls) Romney looks like he's ahead and that this is part of his closing argument.