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Early voting and absentee ballot totals top 3 million

More than 3 million Floridians had voted early or by mail through Wednesday evening, with three more days of early voting still to go. The number of people who have voted early or by mail through Wednesday was 3,056,580 -- almost as many people as voted at the polls on Election Day 2010, an off-year election when turnout is lower. The number of people who voted on Election Day in 2010 was 3,102,388.

The Florida election of 2012 appears destined to go down in history as the first one where early and absentee voting approached parity with in-person voting on Election Day. In the presidential election of 2008, when turnout was 75 percent statewide, 3.8 million people cast ballots Election Day.  

Through Wednesday, the state said, 1,376,148 people had voted early in Florida. Democrats led in early voting with 638,956 to Republicans' 505,722, and the rest unaffiliated and minor-party voters.

Also through Wednesday, the state said, 1,680,432 had voted absentee. Republicans led in absentee voting with 734,095 to the Democrats' 659,893, and the rest unaffiliated and minor-party voters. 

-- Steve Bousquet