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Mr. 305 joins the Prez in the 954: Miami rapper Pitbull slated to appear with Obama in Hollywood, FL

We're hearing that Miami native/rap sensation Pitbull is scheduled to appear with President Obama at his Sunday Hollywood reelection rally. That's one way to pack 'em in.

It seems that Pitbull, aka Mr. 305/Mr. Worldwide (Armando Cristian Pérez, to be exact), might also be Mr. Bipartisan. He, or someone much like him, was spotted at Sen. Marco Rubio's 2010 election victory party at the Biltmore in Coral Gables. But that's more rumor than his scheduled Sunday appearance.

And make no mistake: McArthur High School's football field in Hollywood is nothing like the Biltmore.

This might be President Obama's last re-election stop in Florida. There's only one scheduled so far. The Obama campaign has made more stops in Ohio recently, which indicates the president is putting more stock in his chances in that battleground state. And though behind in the polls, he certainly hasn't given up on Florida.

Broward is Obama country through and through. Consider: Democrats have a 156,000 in-person early vote edge over Republicans. About 86,000 of that comes from Broward County.