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PolitiFact Florida: Measuring Rick Scott's progress on campaign promises

PolitiFact Florida has returned to the work of analyzing the campaign promises of Gov. Rick Scott as he approaches his third year in office.

We're tracking 57 promises on the Scott-O-Meter, where each pledge receives a rating of Promise Kept, Promise Broken, Compromise, Stalled or In The Works. (We have also been updating our Carlos-O-Meter and Buck-O-Meter for the mayors of Miami-Dade and Tampa.)

Here are the ones we have recently updated:

Will fight to repeal health care law: Scott softened his hard rhetoric against the health care law in recent weeks, saying he wants to negotiate with the federal government to benefit Floridians. In many ways, his position shift is a sign of pragmatism: Voters rejected an amendment that would have aimed to prevent enforcement of the law in Florida and reelected President Barack Obama. We changed the rating of this pledge from Promise Kept to Compromise. Read more

Require drug screening for welfare recipients: The court battle wages on over this policy that Scott signed into law in 2011. Scott appealed a judge's temporary injunction against the law, and oral arguments for the appeal were heard earlier this month. This pledge remains In The Works. Read more.

Create over 700,000 jobs: Scott's most famous promise was to create 700,000 jobs in seven years (through a seven-step plan that has not gone into effect). Of course, he said multiple times that these jobs would come on top of jobs economists expected the state would create regardless of a chance in policy. Florida had a positive October jobs picture, but Scott is still far short of where he would need to be to create 1.7 million jobs. The promise is Stalled. Read more

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver: Scott and the Legislature submitted a plan to put more Floridians in private, managed-care plans to save money to the feds, but they have not yet received a ruling on their request for a waiver. Scott this month wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius requesting a meeting to discuss the waiver and other health issues. This promise remains In The Works. Read more.

Eliminate Florida's corporate income tax over seven years: Scott will seek to spare more businesses from paying the corporate income tax in the upcoming legislative session. This promise is In The Works. Read more.

Veto pork-barrel spending: Scott continued to rid the budget of special member projects known as "turkeys" in his second year. But he did it on a far smaller scale than his first, record-breaking use of veto power. We downgraded this pledge from Promise Kept to Compromise. Read more. 

Reduce school property tax by an additional mill over seven years: This pledge remains Stalled, especially since voters did not appear to share the Republican-backed major property tax cuts proposed on the ballot as constitutional amendments. Read more.