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Gov. Rick Scott doubles down on testing for voucher students at private schools

Gov. Rick Scott reiterated Wednesday his belief that students attending private schools using tax-credit scholarships should meet the same standards as students in traditional public schools.

This would be a sharp change in policy, and some private school leaders are already voicing concerns, the Tampa Bay Times reported today.

Scott first talked about his views after Tuesday's Cabinet meeting, saying that all students whose education is paid for using Florida tax dollars should have to meet the same academic standards. Later that day, his office said it wanted to "provide context" to that statement by pointing out the governor would be meeting with tax-credit scholarship advocates on Wednesday. That left the Buzz wondering if he would walk back his earlier comments.

Well, he didn't.

Noting Florida's shift to new, national Common Core standards, Scott said Wednesday that traditional, charter and private schools should expect to implement the new testing that comes with it.

"Ultimately, everybody is going to Common Core," he said at a reception in Tampa for administrators of the scholarships and student recipients.

Read the story to see more from Scott and private school leaders.