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Gov. Rick Scott trumpets latest unemployment numbers

Gov. Rick Scott is clearly proud of the state's latest unemployment numbers, which are at the lowest point since November 2008. The state unemployment rate in November 2012 dipped to a seasonally adjusted 8.1 percent, a 0.4 percentage point drop from the month before and two 2 percentage points than a year prior.

In addition to putting out a customary news release announcing the newest stats, Scott's office also sent several additional releases with regional highlights, as well as a link to an Associated Press article.

For example, the release for the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metro area said this region led the state in job growth over the year. In the Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall metro area, the governor's office said the 4.4 percentage point drop in unemployment from December 2010 to November 2012 was the largest in the state.

Scott also has a half-dozen interviews on his schedule today, presumably to tout the latest signs of Florida's recovering economy.

Here is an excerpt of the AP's coverage:

Florida's unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in four years at 8.1 percent in November and the state was a national leader in job creation, continuing a trend that began two years ago.

The 0.4 percentage point decline from October's 8.5 percent jobless rate announced Friday was an early Christmas present for Gov. Rick Scott, who took office at that time.

"For many of Florida's families during this holiday season there could be no greater gift than a regular paycheck," Scott said in a statement. "More people are moving here, more businesses are expanding, our home prices are recovering and more people are pursing the careers of their dreams."

The Republican governor has made job creation the hallmark of his administration, but Florida's gains so far haven't helped him much politically. Polls show the Scott's job approval rating still lagging below the 40 percent mark.

Florida added 24,500 jobs from October to November. That was the second-most nationally behind North Carolina, which added 30,600 jobs, and just ahead of Texas with 22,100.

Read more from the AP here.