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Marco Rubio PAC helps consultants more than candidates

From erstwhile Miami Herald political reporter Beth Reinhard in National Journal

Like most ambitious members of Congress, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida controls what’s called a leadership PAC outside his re-election campaign. Reclaim America’s goal is “electing conservatives to the United States Senate,” according to its website.

But of the more than $1.5 million the PAC spent between July 2011 and mid-October, only $68,427 went to candidates, Federal Election Commission records show. The biggest chunk, $447,360, went to consultants, including several who have advised Rubio for years.

Those figures mean the committee gave less than $1 to candidates out of every $20 it spent, a 4.5 percent rate and one of the lowest of the nearly 500 leadership PACs that spent money in the 2012 election, according to a National Journal analysis.

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