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Snipes disagrees with label that Broward 'underperformed' in Election

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner took his tour of five counties that "underperformed" in the November election to Broward today where he met with Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

When asked after the meeting what she thought about Detzner saying that Broward "underperformed" Snipes said: "I let him know that I didn't appreciate that. It was wrong to put a label on an organization like that." She added that such a label can undermine voter confidence.

Detzner said after the meeting that "Broward did a good job" but he said that Broward had underperformed due to long early voting lines.

During the meeting, Snipes said she needs more flexibility in early voting sites -- some county libraries don't have sufficient space to process the large groups of voters and the machines. She said she preferred the 14 days of early voting -- including the Sunday before election day -- that were allowed before legislators passed H.B. 1355 in 2011. 

Several state legislators -- including Sen. Eleanor Sobel who is heading up an election task force -- attended.