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Five Florida Republicans join majority in the House to pass fiscal cliff deal

The U.S. House just passed the fiscal cliff deal, 257-167.

Florida Republicans voting yes: Mario Diaz-BalartBill YoungIleana Ros-LehtinenAnder CrenshawVern Buchanan.

Every Florida Democrat voted yes.



Rep. Dennis Ross: “This proposal does nothing to address our biggest problem, which is the out-of-control spending that runs rampant in Washington. I am hopeful that in the coming months of the 113th Congress, we can do what is right by Floridians and reform both our tax code and the way that Washington spends the hard-earned money of Florida taxpayers.”

Rep. Dan Webster: “This is not the solution America needs. This is simply Washington doing what Washington does best—maintaining the status quo. Passage of this bill does not solve the true fiscal cliff that we face. Americans need and deserve a bolder plan that addresses the real drivers of our debt, which are crippling the next generation. Forcing higher taxes on Americans, while not seriously tackling Washington’s runaway spending, will not turn our economy around, create jobs or solve our debt crisis.  It also does not represent the balanced approach promised by President Obama to the American people."

Rep. Bill Posey: “Washington has an incurable addiction to borrowing and spending. Slipping another $330 billion in deficit spending into a last minute take it or leave it proposition is unacceptable and it sells future generations of Americans short. None of us would steal from our children and grandchildren, and we should stop letting the federal government do it as well.

Rep. Steve Southerland: "I recognize the importance of continuing sorely needed tax relief.  That’s why I voted months ago to avert the fiscal cliff and extend all the tax relief measures for hardworking families.  Unfortunately, President Obama and Senator Reid didn’t share our sense of urgency, paving the way for a dead-of-night compromise that yields just $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in tax hikes."

Rep. Connie Mack: "Only the President and Democrats in Washington think it's a good idea to waste taxpayers money, create huge deficits and debt and then try to solve this problem by confiscating more money from the American people with the promise to only waste more money."


Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: "As Americans throughout the country were ringing in the New Year, their taxes went up, including those on the middle class, married couples, families with kids and Floridians who benefit from the sales tax deduction.  The American people cannot afford, nor do they deserve, this massive New Year’s tax hangover. While this bill has its flaws, it immediately and permanently cuts taxes on 98 percent of the American people and 97 percent of small businesses."

Interesting angle: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a possible 2016 contender, voted no; Rep. Paul Ryan voted yes.

-- Alex Leary