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Rep. Joe Garcia welcomes Sen. Rubio's "evolution" on immigration

Newly elected Rep. Joe Garcia, who beat Sen. Marco Rubio's longtime friend David Rivera in the last election, gives the Republican a little praise for his immigration proposal.

And Garcia implicitly asks: What took you so long?

The statement:

"For years we have pushed for a solution to our ineffective and unjust immigration system and I believe 2013 will be the year this goal becomes a reality.  I wholeheartedly welcome Senator Rubio's and others evolution on this important issue and welcome with them with open arms to  join our cause."

 "The Senate's blueprint is a positive step toward this important goal and as a member of the Immigration Subcommittee I look forward to reviewing the details with the Senate. Their 'tough, but fair' approach provides a good foundation for the legislation that is needed. What is most encouraging about their plan is the earned pathway to citizenship, which must be reasonable and begin quickly. It is our hope that our Republican colleagues in the House will see this as a workable framework and be fully willing to cooperate on common sense solutions that will benefit all Americans."