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Associated Industries releases legislative wishlist, punts on Medicaid expansion

Associated Industries of Florida has released its list of legislative priorities. The business group’s wishlist covers a wide range of issues on the table for the 60-day legislative session beginning Tuesday: taxes, healthcare, education, insurance, regulations, energy and the environment.

Read the full report here:

Here a few highlights from the 24-page report:

- On Medicaid expansion, AIF punts like other business groups have done—opting not to take a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ position. AIF does appear to move closer to Gov. Rick Scott’s position than other groups, stating that rejecting the federal money associated with the expansion would be tantamount to giving it away to other states.

- AIF supports Scott’s push to eliminate the sales tax on manufacturing equipment and phase out the corporate income tax by increasing the exemption to $75,000

- AIF agrees with Scott on spending more for transportation infrastructure, including ports and airports. It opposes any sweep of Transportation Trust Fund.

- AIF supports loosening restrictions on certain tax incentives for businesses. It does not weigh in on some of the Republican-led efforts to increase transparency and accountability for incentives.

- AIF supports using $200 million in Sadowski Trust fund money for affordable housing and opposes plans to sweep that money. Scott wants to use only $50 million for affordable housing.

- On gambling, AIF has taken a much more muted position than last year, when it threw its weight behind a push for three casino resorts in South Florida. Since that measure by Genting failed last year (and has not been revived for this session), AIF is only pushing for a “rational and comprehensive statewide gaming policy.”

- On property insurance, AIF supports higher rates at Citizens and a smaller Catastrophe Fund, which could lead to higher rates for other insurers.

- AIF supports measures for Florida to consider offshore drilling.

- AIF continues to push for new laws requiring all online retailers to collect sales tax.

Read the full report here: