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Did Univision really talk to suspected prostitute in Bob Menendez case?

There's an interesting Spanish-language report from Univision, in which it interviewed a young woman possibly tied to the Sen. Bob Menendez saga.

Menendez was accused of consorting with prostitutes, some underage, in the Dominican Republic. According to the anonymous/pseudonymous tipster, who said that, among "the girls Senator Menendez prefer the most are Yaneysi Fernandez, a high-class prostitute who is white, thin, 6.6 5.6 feet tall, light eyes, pointed nose, big exciting mouth. Her cell phone was (829) 258 4606."

We looked for prostitutes matching this and other descriptions and had no luck, although there's evidence that some of them existed.

But Univision apparently found a Yaneisi Fernandez (slightly different spelling although she looks like a Yaneisy Fernandez on Facebook) in the Dominican Republican town of Matanzas. And she says she's no hooker, never has been and her mom says she has a certificate to prove her daughter, about to be wed, is a virgin (really, she says that).

"I’ve never been to Casa de Campo, I’ve never participated in those activities, don’t know those people or that man," the young lady says.

So this is either a bombshell of a scoop. Or it might be the height or irresponsible reporting.

Either Univision interviewed an alleged prostitute. Or it spoke to some poor private country girl and asked her if she was a whore. And then it put it on television.

Univision doesn't say how it reached her. It also doesn't note that the ethics watchdog group CREW mentioned its doubts about the young woman it found on social media who looks 1) a lot like the one Univision spoke to and 2) doesn't resemble the young woman described by the tipster:

We found social media profiles for a Yaneisy Fernandez in Santo Domingo who seems to be around the right age, but in photographs accompanying the profile, the young woman does not necessarily match the physical description Mr. Williams provided (this is, of course, subjective, but the young woman we located did not appear fair-skinned, light-eyed or particularly thin).

Let the weirdness continue.....