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Obama's new immigration plan: 8-year pathway to permanent residency for the undocumented

President Obama won bipartisan praise for his tone on immigration during his State of the Union speech. Now he's putting some of those ideas on paper. So far, it's the most-specific comprehensive-immigration reform plan proposed. It fills in details of his May 2011 plan, which Florida Sen. Marco Rubio adopted in large part.

USA Today:

A draft of a White House immigration proposal obtained by USA TODAY would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years.

The plan also would provide for more security funding and require business owners to check the immigration status of new hires within four years. In addition, the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants could apply for a newly created "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" visa, under the bill being written by the White House.....

According to the White House draft, people would need to pass a criminal background check, submit biometric information and pay fees to qualify for the new visa. If approved, they would be allowed to legally reside in the U.S., work and leave the country for short periods of time.

Illegal immigrants would be disqualified from the program if they were convicted of a crime that led to a prison term of at least one year, three or more different crimes that resulted in a total of 90 days in jail, or if they committed any offense abroad that "if committed in the United States would render the alien inadmissible or removable from the United States."

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