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Post water-swigging Pew poll: Marco Rubio upside down

From a Pew Research poll that also surveyed opinions about Chuck Hagel (nominated to be defense secretary) and Secretary of State John Kerry:

The survey also finds that the public expresses mixed views of Marco Rubio, following his response to Obama’s State of the Union address. Overall, 26% view Rubio favorably, 29% unfavorably, and 46% cannot offer a rating.

Rubio has a strong image among Republicans and receives particularly high ratings among those who agree with the Tea Party.

Among all Republicans (and Republican leaners) who agree with the Tea Party, fully 70% view Rubio favorably compared with just 7% who view him unfavorably. Among Republicans and leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party, 31% view Rubio favorably and 25% view him unfavorably.

Although it's dangerous to mix-and-match polls, what's interesting here is that Rubio's numbers are rather different from a (pre-SOTUr) survey earlier this month by Quinnipiac University, which found Rubio more popular (27%) than unpopular (15%). Was it the water-swigging by Rubio? The substance of his speech? Or are the polls too different to divine any meaning?