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Allen West's Foundation flubs historical fact about Florida black Reps

The Allen West Foundation says in 2010 West "became the first black representative from Florida to serve in the United House Representatives since Reconstruction."

Whoops....he left out a key word here: first Republican U.S. Representative since Reconstruction. West himself may not have crafted the wording on the website -- we've heard him accurately cite his role in history including the night of his victory party in November 2010 when he ousted Democrat Ron Klein in Broward/Palm Beach Congressional District 22. 

Two years later due to redistricting, West moved to a Treasure Coast district and lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy.

For you history buffs, here is an interesting history of African-American members of Congress written by the Congressional Research Service. Florida has had seven African-American members starting with Republican Josiah T. Walls in 1871. A few black Democrats were elected in Florida in 1993:  Corrine Brown, Alcee  Hastings and Carrie Meek. In 2003,  Meek's son Kendrick was elected and Frederica Wilson won along with West in 2010.

West speaks tomorrow at CPAC.