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City manager of Miramar leaves with $2.4m payout, plus $110k annual pension & insurance

@MarcACaputo via Camila Alfonso and Daniel Chang:

Robert Payton, 54, has worked for only one employer his adult life: the city of Miramar, where Payton began as a garbage collector in 1977 and rose through the ranks to become city manager, a job he held since 2001 but resigned suddenly on Monday night.

In return for his years of service, Payton will collect $2.4 million, mostly in deferred pension and retirement benefits, and a small amount of accrued sick and vacation time. He also gets 21 years of dental and health insurance, which will cost Miramar about $25,800 annually. On top of that, he will receive an annual pension of $110,593.

Explaining his resignation on Tuesday, Payton said, “The decision wasn’t rational. It was emotional.’’

Payton said he had been considering retirement for several years now, but he couldn’t settle on the right time to leave because of pressing city issues, such as the economic downturn or a municipal project.

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