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Dolphins' celebs mostly silent in stadium campaign

In the rush of optimism after Steve Ross bought the Dolphins, he rounded up a glitzy cast of minority owners — including Marc Anthony, Emilio Estefan, the Williams sisters and Fergie — as a way to gin up a buzz around the franchise.

But at a critical moment for the organization, when every last vote is needed to pass a referendum for improving Sun Life Stadium with tax dollars, those luminaries have been noticeably out of the picture.

So too are the icons of the Dolphins’ glorious past, the Don Shulas, Dan Marinos and Larry Csonkas who made Miami’s football team a national brand and an object of civic pride.

With six weeks remaining before a possible vote on the plan, the Dolphins have no immediate plans to trot out their megawatt assets.

“We wanted to be respectful [in] utilizing star power to get our message across,” said Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, the team’s point man on the project. “This is, at the end of the day, really about economics.”

There’s another factor, of course. If you make rolling-in-dough superstars the face of your pitch to raise hotel taxes, Joe Citizen just might respond: “You’re loaded. Pay for the stadium improvements yourselves!”

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