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Commission won't drop Rep. Nuñez's attorney's fees in dismissed ethics case

 While the State Ethics Commission dismissed an ethics complaint against Rep. Jeannette Nuñez, a Miami Republican, last month, she can't pass her attorney's fees to the complainant, the panel decided on Friday.
    On March 13th, the Commission found no probable cause to believe that Nuñez had misused her position to mail a legislatively-funded newsletter to voters who were not her constituents in newly established District 119, in apparent violation of House policy, before the 2012 election Aug. 14th.
    But the Ethics Commission followed a recommendation by staff to reject a petition by Nuñez's attorney, Juan-Carlos Planas, to dismiss attorney's fees and costs the representative incurred in the case.
Commission staff said that while there was no probable cause found, there was  "no indication there were any allegations that were false or recklessly made."
  Planas argued that the complaint was "nothing more than a media stunt by Mr. (Silvio) Amico," a Miami lawyer who supported Nuñez's opponent Libby Perez for the new District 119. He said the complaint was filed by Amico near the Aug. 14th election and "leaked" to The Miami Herald before it was seen by Nuñez. "The Miami Herald got the complaint before Miss Nuñez did."