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Crist: Governor should force Legislature to keep working on Medicaid expansion

Add former and potential future Gov. Charlie Crist among the people behind the Senate's Medicaid expansion alternative. He posted a rant on his Facebook page today criticizing House Republicans for failing to embrace Sen. Joe Negron's proposal, which would qualify for $51 billion federal dollars to insure 1 million Floridians.

If he were governor, Crist writes, he would force the Legislature to keep working until they got it done. Ball's in your court, Gov. Rick Scott.

From Crist's Facebook page:

It is really disappointing to watch the Legislature, particularly the Florida House of Representatives put ideology over the health care needs of working uninsured Floridians. The plan the Florida Senate has designed will build on one of the best public private health care partnerships in America, KidCare, and would provide more than 1 million working uninsured Floridians access to real private health insurance.

I know one thing, if this debate had happened during my term as Governor, the Legislature and I would have spent all summer in Tallahassee until we had done the right thing by the people that we all serve.