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Scott touts ‘incredible economic turnaround’ to poach Illinois businesses

Gov. Rick Scott sent letters to Illinois business owners this week, telling them to book a “one-way” ticket to Florida and set up shop in the Sunshine State. 

In the letter, Scott touts Florida’s economic recovery, low taxes and shrinking state debt. He continues his “It’s working” theme by painting Florida as a state that has undergone an “incredible economic turnaround” under his watch. In contrast, Scott writes, Illinois is raising taxes and has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. 

“While Florida’s economic formula is working, we know Illinois’ formula of more taxing and more spending ISN’T WORKING,” Scott writes. 

Scott, who references the state of Texas in his letter, is taking a page from Gov. Rick Perry’s playbook. Earlier this year, Perry aired a radio ad in California bashing the state for raising taxes and welcoming California businesses to Texas. Perry followed the ad up with a recruiting trip to the state. 

It’s not the first time Scott has tried to poach businesses from a high-tax state. Last year, Scott sent letters to New York businesses telling them to come to Florida. It’s not clear if Scott was successful in recruiting any New York businesses to Florida. New York is also playing offense in the job recruitment wars. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been airing ads in Florida and elsewhere for more than a year touting the state’s reduction in business and property taxes

Florida’s economic development organization planned to create a similar ad campaign, touting the state as “The Perfect Climate for Business.” Some saw the brand logo—which features an orange business tie—as sexist, and lawmakers have opted not to fund the advertising effort. The Legislature is also cutting Scott's "economic incentives" budget, reducing the amount of money the governor can use to draw businesses to Florida with tax breaks and grants.

Scott’s office said the letter went out to the top 100 companies in Illinois.

Read Scott’s letter here.