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Yellow Dot program to help crash victims gets second nod in House

An effort to help first responders get crucial information about car crash victims has won the approval of the House -- twice. The House passed the program, added as an amendment to a highway safety bill, on Wednesday. On April 17th, the Yellow Dot program proposed in House Bill 1005, passed the full House by a vote of 117-0. The idea is to give the program the best shot of passing in the Senate.

The bill's backer, Rep. Irv Slosberg, said the Yellow Dot program "saves lives and raises money" for counties.

The Boca Raton Democrat said the program calls for a yellow dot sticker to be placed on the left corner of the rear-window of a vehicle. The yellow dot is a signal to first responders that the driver keeps medical records, a photograph and emergency information in the car's glove box -- including a list of current medications and preexisting health conditions, emergency contact information and identification.

The Yellow Dot program has been spreading across the country since it was initiated more than a decade ago.

Slosberg said the program can be a money-maker for counties that decide to participate by selling sponsorships or advertising rights to hospitals, insurance companies or other groups. Sponsorships are up to each County Commission.