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Amid vote-fraud probe & staff chief resignation, Rep. Joe Garcia's opponent Carlos Curbelo pounces

That didn't take long.

A few moments after U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia's chief of staff quit amid a fraud probe involving phantom absentee-ballot requests, a top Republican opponent was quick to call on the Democrat to say all he knows. Here's the statement from Miami-Dade School Board member Carlos Curbelo:

"The news coming out of Congressional District 26 is deeply troubling and offensive to our community. Joe Garcia has to come clean immediately and tell the public if his campaign was involved in absentee ballot fraud," said Curbelo.

Curbelo has served on the Miami-Dade School Board since 2010, where he represents the residents of Southwest Dade. He is strongly considering running for Congress and recently launched a Congressional Exploratory Committee and Finance Team showing strong support from business and civic leaders of both political parties.

Curbelo continued: "The people of Southwest Dade and the Keys are sick and tired of politicians that will do or say anything to get elected. Every day it becomes more evident that we need to turn the page on this culture of corruption and get new leadership in Washington."