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Gov. Rick Scott will sign budget, veto tuition increase Monday

During Monday's budget signing, Gov. Rick Scott will veto a 3-percent tuition increase for state colleges and universities, the Associated Press is reporting.

In his letter explaining the tuition veto, Scott will say Florida's low tuition is a point of pride and he doesn't want to saddle students and families with more debt, the AP said.

Scott has hinted all along that he would veto the tuition increase, which the House insisted on including in the budget. He never wavered from his standard response -- "I do not believe in any tuition increase" -- when asked about the possibility of striking it from the budget.

Hoping to build the case for a veto, the governor's office asked state university presidents to sign a letter saying they do not want more tuition revenue this year. The university presidents held a conference call Friday to discuss the request but collectively decided not to sign the letter.

Universities never planned on receiving the additional tuition revenue in the budget, worth about $18 million. According to state law, tuition will now automatically rise 1.7 percent to keep in line with inflation, or about $10 million.

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