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RPOF's 'Crist-ory' about tax pledge faces the Truth-O-Meter

The Republican Party of Florida is launching a pre-emptive strike against former golden boy Charlie Crist, who very well could run for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. In a new Web ad, the state GOP spoofs the History Channel with a segment called "This Day in CRIST-ory."

The date: May 28, 2009. (The date should be May 27, but the state GOP flubbed that.)

The setting: Tallahassee.

The story: Then-Republican Gov. Crist is signing a $66.5 billion budget that includes a $1-a-pack cigarette tax and higher fees on drivers licenses and motor vehicle tags. The new taxes and fees, which are estimated to generate $2.2 billion, are needed to pass a balanced state budget -- and were supported by Republicans in the Legislature -- but also break Crist’s pledge not to raise taxes.

"Two weeks after signing a taxpayer protection pledge, he (Crist) breaks it!" the Republican Party’s ad exclaims.

Here at PolitiFact Florida, we didn’t need a history lesson to remember the basics of the 2009 budget. But we did wonder about the state GOP’s assertion that Crist had the gall to break a pledge just two weeks after he signed it. Read our analysis.