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In Joe Garcia election scandal, lawyer of convicted rival wants FBI investigation of mystery candidate

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Hidden money. A shadowy candidate. Missing campaign-finance reports.

That’s not just a description of Justin Lamar Sternad’s crime-filled congressional campaign against U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia in 2012.

It also describes yet another Garcia rival from two years before: Jose Rolando “Roly” Arrojo.

But unlike Sternad, Arrojo has ties to Garcia’s former top advisor who resigned Friday amid an unrelated criminal investigation into fraudulent absentee ballot requests in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary.

Like Sternad, Arrojo failed to properly account for more than $10,000 worth of campaign expenditures and at least one mailer.

But Sternad is facing prison time. Arrojo just received a stern letter from the Federal Elections Commission for his violations.

Now, Sternad’s lawyer is asking the FBI to investigate – especially now that Garcia’s own campaign is at the center of yet another elections scandal.

“If my client is going to go through the ringer, let’s apply the law equally,” said Sternad’s lawyer, Enrique “Rick” Yabor, who wrote the FBI on Monday.

“Why does Arrojo get a pass, while my client faces possible prison time?” Yabor asked. “Who’s getting preferential treatment?”

Arrojo wouldn’t comment in depth to a Miami Herald reporter.

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