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Infographic details how citizens impact the legislative process

If a Florida citizen believes strongly about an issue, he or she should talk to elected officials in person in order to make the biggest impact, according to a recent survey of legislative aides by a Tallahassee-based firm.

Robo-calls have the least impact, according to the report by Kevin Cate Communications released today.

The "key takeaway," according to Kevin Cate himself: "Don’t walk into legislative session without real people, a compelling narrative, and data to show broad public support, especially if you are up against big money. And don’t discount the importance of newspapers and local TV – the vast majority of lawmakers consume news there everyday."

Some other interesting stats from the non-scientific poll, detailed in the infographic posted after the jump:

  • -Only 32 percent of lawmakers operate their own social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, all of the time.
  • -Public polling is the most influential use of paid communications (84%).
  • -A visit from a lobbyist ranked below a visit, email, or call from a real constituent.


Click here for a larger version of the infographic. And in case you're curious, here's a link to the 2012 poll, which had similar results.