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Liberal group bashes Charlie Crist's NRA A-rating, lauds Fs of Nan Rich, Alex Sink


Florida's fertile ground for the National Rifle Association, and the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida has a problem with that and wants to make gun control a Democratic gubernatorial primary issue in 2014.

Nan Rich is running. Charlie Crist probably will and Alex Sink probably won't (caveat: you never know).

The press release

TAMPA, FL – In response to a spate of recent shootings and the ongoing Treyvon Martin case, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida issued a report that examines the voting records, statements and endorsements of former Senator Nan Rich, the only announced Democratic candidate, former Governor Charlie Crist and former CFO Alex Sink, who ran for the seat in 2010.

“Republicans ignored several gun safety bills that were introduced by Democrats in the 2013 legislative session,” said caucus President Susan Smith. “It’s important for voters to know that our party supports sensible gun legislation.”

The report reveals:

    * Nan Rich and Alex Sink received F ratings from the National Rifle Association.
    * Nan Rich has introduced and/or supported common sense gun legislation, all of which was killed by the Republican majority.
    * Charlie Crist’s support of the NRA did not waiver during his 20-year career in the GOP. It has only appeared to “evolve” with his change of party identification.

“Crist’s record contrasts starkly with those of Rich and Sink. It’s alarming that Governor Crist walked in lockstep with the NRA, even as their positions became more and more extreme,” said Smith. “He routinely picked up an A rating from the NRA and accused political rivals of being soft on Second Amendment gun rights.”

The report compares the candidates' positions and voting records on guns, including such controversial issues as Docs vs. Glocks (the measure, thrown out by the courts, barred pediatricians from inquiring about guns in the home), preemption of local gun safety ordinances and keeping guns stored in parked cars at the workplace.

Smith added. “It’s not enough for him to say he’s in favor of some restrictions, as he told the Tampa Bay Times in December. We need to know what he thinks about Stand Your Ground laws and assault weapons. We need a full rundown from A to Z.”

The caucus plans to release reports on other issues of importance to Democratic voters during the coming months.


The Democratic Progressive Caucus is a chartered caucus of the Florida Democratic Party. The mission of the caucus is to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the progressive community and the Democratic Party and to promote the continued development and growth of the Democratic Party’s core ideals and principles.