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Obama's coming for Miami-Beach fundraiser, and you're paying for it


President Obama travels to Miami Beach on Wednesday to fundraise for the Democratic Party at a private event where donations could reach as high as $32,400 per person.

But everyone will pay for the president’s visit to the waterfront home of businessman Joseph W. Blount.

It costs federal taxpayers about $180,000 per flight hour just to take Air Force One. Locally, there’s a cost as well.

The city of Miami Beach budgets about $100,000 yearly for presidential visits and local taxpayers on the peninsular city shelled out roughly $18,000 to cover security costs for the president’s June 2011 fundraiser at another exclusive waterfront mansion.

In 2011, Miami Beach paid about $49,000 to cover the visits.

"We are NOT reimbursed for this expenditure," city police spokesman, Robert Hernandez, said in an email where he estimated the cost of presidential visit security at $10,000 to $55,000, "depending on the venue and length of stay."

Countywide, there’s a cost, too, even if the president goes to a municipality.

The Miami-Dade Police Department said the president’s Oct. 11, 2012 visit cost county taxpayers about $28,978.18, said Detective Javier Baez. Florida Highway Patrol chipped in $6,490 and City of Miami Police another $5,727.

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