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Bullard: Education commissioner should resign

Add Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, to the list of state lawmakers calling for Education Commissioner Tony Bennett's resignation.

Bullard wrote the following in a letter to Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday:

"In light of the recent reports from the Associated Press and other news outlets on Department of Education chief Tony Bennett’s grade changing activities in Indiana, I find it necessary to call on you to request his immediate resignation as Florida’s Commissioner of Education. Given the contentious and on-going debate over quantifying and qualifying education in our state, I believe Commissioner Bennett’s involvement in these issues could be looked upon questionably with respect to his objectivity. Certainly, big money is also no stranger to education in Florida and I fear what appears to have happened in Indiana may repeat itself here should Commissioner Bennett be allowed to remain at the helm."

Bennett has come under fire for his role in a school grade scandal in Indiana.

In other developments, Indiana Schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz has called for a review of that state's school grades.

And Indianapolis Star columnist Matthew Tully said Bennett blew it with his bluster.