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It's official: Carlos Curbelo becomes Republican No. 3 to challenge Rep. Joe Garcia


We told you about it yesterday (and for weeks before), now here's the press release making it official:

Carlos Curbelo Announces Campaign for US Congress
School Board Member Rejects District's History of Scandal and Fraud

MIAMI- Surrounded by his family in the backyard of his Kendall home, School Board Member Carlos Curbelo declared his candidacy for US Congress, District 26.

Before highlighting priorities like the economy, ethics, and education, Curbelo vowed to wage a new type of campaign.

"Our campaign will not be about other politicians. It will not be about petty politics. My candidacy will be about people, and making sure that my generation and my children's generation can continue living and working in the greatest nation that the world has ever known. Our efforts will be driven and motivated by my family and by yours, and our focus will be on offering solutions for the challenges all of us face."

Curbelo has served on the Miami-Dade School Board since 2010. In recent years the school district has thrived. Student achievement has improved and school choice options expanded while the School Board has reduced spending and cut property taxes. The district was awarded the prestigious Broad Prize for urban education last year. While on the Board Curbelo has worked to build consensus in favor of common sense solutions and on Tuesday, he called on both parties to work together on the economy.

"The recovery has left many behind, and uncertainty abounds as a result of our national debt crisis and the implementation of the President's healthcare overhaul. My neighbors in District 26 are burdened with out-of-control property insurance costs that are endangering the American dream of homeownership. Residents are seeking responsible and sustainable economic growth, and that will not happen unless Members of Congress from both parties work together to find solutions."

Congressional District 26 has been plagued by scandal and controversy in recent years; from allegations about illegally financed ringer candidates to the resignation of the incumbent's chief of staff due to a scheme to manipulate absentee voting. On Tuesday Curbelo drew contrasts with the incumbent. 

"I first ran for the School Board in 2010 inspired by the birth of our daughter Sylvie and believing I had something to contribute. While I have always found public service fulfilling; unlike the incumbent, I have never had an obsession with elected office. For me, this is not about starting a career. Rather it is an opportunity to turn the page on the recent history of scandal and fraud that has plagued our district, and to help preserve the wonderful nation that we have all inherited."

Carlos Curbelo was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban exiles who fled the Castro dictatorship. He attended the University of Miami earning a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a Master's in Public Administration. In 2002, Carlos founded Capitol Gains, a media and public relations firm which has worked for private companies and political campaigns.  In 2009, he joined the office of US Senator George LeMieux as State Director and advisor on Latin-America policy. Carlos was elected to the Miami-Dade County School Board in 2010 where he has fought for education reform, accountability, and fiscal discipline. Carlos lives in South Dade with his wife Cecilia and two daughters.