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Rouson wants Weatherford to order hearings into FDLE probe of GOP voter fraud

Is Gov. Rick Scott covering up GOP voter registration fraud?

The future leader of the House Democrats thinks perhaps he is and is asking Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford to hold legislative hearings on what he says could be an attempt by Scott to “stifle” a criminal investigation.

“I have been following the many news media reports about rampant fraud regarding voter registration drives associated with the company Strategic Allied Consulting and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation that was tasked by Gov. Rick Scott some months ago,” states a letter that Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, sent out Tuesday afternoon.

“The governor, at a recent press conference in June, said that he had not seen or read any reports from his own agency. It is widely believed that a full-faith investigation has not taken place.

“The Legislature is constitutionally tasked with the checks and balances of government. Given that the governor has had adequate time to respond to the FDLE reports and has ordered an inadequate investigation, the House needs to task a committee with holding hearings. Floridians deserve to know if the governor’s office has stifled a law enforcement investigation. The State Affairs Committee seems ideal because the committee oversees the Ethics and Elections subcommittee.”

In a follow-up news release, Rouson, who was chosen to lead House Democrats after the 2014 elections, challenged Weatherford to order the hearings.

“Speaker Weatherford needs to stand by the rhetoric of Republican House members and not stand witness to this fraud. (Weatherford) needs to task the State Affairs Committee and Chairman (Steve) Crisafulli to investigate why the FDLE did not take appropriate action. Floridians deserve to know if there have been attempts by the Governor’s office to suppress the investigations of voter fraud. As ranking member of this committee, I look forward to uncovering the truth.”