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After Mayor Maroño's fraud-bust, Rick Scott is disappointed but mum on friendship

@MarcACaputo Whenever Gov. Rick Scott had a Miami-Dade public event, chances were high that his earliest of supporters was there, Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño.

Scott frequently gave him a shout-out. Now he's mum about their relationship.

After Maroño's FBI arrest Tuesday in a federal grant-fraud scheme, Scott has to suspend his friend from office and distance himself from his supporter who worked on his transition team and one-time appointee.

"It's a disappointment," Scott told The Tampa Bay Times. "All elected officials should live up to the highest standards and it's always a disappointment when anybody does something that's not living up to that standard."

Asked about his friendship with Maroño, Scott didn't directly respond.

"Here's what's important: If you're an elected official do the right thing," Scott said. "Any elected official that doesn't do the right thing, all of us are disappointed."