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Mayor Manny Maroño, early Rick Scott backer and appointee, busted in bribery case

@MarcACaputo via Jay Weaver:

FBI agents Tuesday arrested the mayors of Miami Lakes and Sweetwater on bribery charges related to government contracts in their towns.

Agents arrested Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi and Sweetwater Mayor Manuel “Manny” Maroño at their City Hall offices.

Pizzi and Maroño are expected to make their first appearances in Miami federal court Tuesday. It’s not clear yet how the cases are related.....

Maroño and former North Bay Village Manager Jorge Forte launched a public affairs and business development firm, 7 Strategies.

Forte and Maroño, who had known each other since high school, named the company in a reference to Scott’s seven-step plan to create 700,000 jobs in seven years. 7 Strategies is focused on strategies that forge “better ties” between clients and the public sector, the partners told The South Florida Business Journal in 2011. It also lobbies on behalf of some clients...

“We know how local government works, how the state works, how the county works and how the governor works – which is the most important part,” Maroño told the Business Journal. “We know how the governor works.”

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