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The truth-o-meter explores: is Miami-Dade No. 1 donor county?


When politicians gathered in August for the Florida Cabinet meeting in Miami, Sen. Rene Garcia, R-Hialeah, had a message about how the state treats Miami-Dade County, which we could boil down to this: No fair!

In his welcome to Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet, Garcia said that Miami-Dade is the "No. 1 donor county in the state."

In government-speak, a "donor county" is a county that gives more revenues to the state than it receives. (Fussing about being a donor county is a common refrain  we’ve heard about Miami-Dade -- as well as about Broward and Palm Beach.)

Is Miami-Dade the chief Santa Claus of Florida, sending generous gifts to the state and only getting back stocking stuffers in return? Read PolitiFact for our analysis and to see how we rated Garcia's claim.