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Coalition renews push for Medicaid expansion

"Back and ready to act."

That is the tagline for a coalition of 87 political, health care and civic organizations renewing their push for Medicaid expansion in Florida. Now that lawmakers are returning to begin committee work ahead of the 2014 session, the coalition -- Health Care for Florida Now -- says it is back again, too.

The group, led by Progress Florida and Florida CHAIN, was not successful in convincing legislators to accept federal dollars to reduce the number of uninsured during the 2013 session. After spending all summer lobbying lawmakers individually, the coalition is hopeful Republican leaders may have a change of heart.

"With #FLlawmakers back in Tally in 2 weeks, the #HealthFLNow Campaign is back & ready to ACT!" Florida CHAIN tweeted today. 

The coalition includes labor unions, religious groups, civic organizations representing women, Latinos and blacks and health care groups like the American Heart Association and Florida Nurses Association. 

Initially, Health Care for Florida Now worked closely with the Florida Hospital Association, which also supported Medicaid expansion through its Florida Remedy campaign. But we haven't heard much from Florida Remedy since session ended.