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Scott: No specifics on how to cut $500M in taxes and fees

Gov. Rick Scott says he wants to hear from the public on how to reduce taxes and fees by $500 million as he has proposed. During a speech for conservative activists last week, Scott gave scant details to outline the plan.

That didn't change when he was asked to expound Wednesday evening.

"I'm working with the House and the Senate to get everybody's ideas," he said. "I want to ask all citizens what are there ideas. What can we do to give you, the citizen, back your money? What can we do to make sure we grow jobs in our state?"

Scott said he had no list in his mind of what taxes and fees he would cut and how. Asked whether vehicle and tag fees would be a priority, he only said he would like to see them reduced.

This year, the Legislature approved a reduction in tag registration fees that will be phased in over five years and partially reverse a 2009 hike.

Scott talked about his tax cut proposal after speaking at the grand opening of Tallahassee's new Bass Pro Shops megastore. Although the company has not received state economic incentives, Scott still talked up the roughly 200 jobs the store created and the company's pledge to assist conservation efforts around Florida.

The governor also was tight-lipped when asked about his private dinner with former Gov. Jeb Bush, state Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, and Board of Education chairman Gary Chartrand in Miami.

"We had a good dinner ... We just talked about our education policy in the state and what we ought to be doing to go forward," Scott said.