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After Sheldon throws in, Thurston mulling own bid for AG

George Sheldon may have filed to run for Attorney General on Monday, making him the first Democrat to challenge Republican Pam Bondi, but there could be more on the way.

When told about Sheldon's candidacy early Monday, Florida House Minority Leader Perry Thurston of Fort Lauderdale said he was surprised.

“You caught me off guard,” Thurston said. “Will I rule out running? No. Will I do what’s in the best interest of the party? Yes.”

Thurston said he will make a decision soon, but wouldn’t say when that would be. 

He did say that others are considering a run as well, but wouldn’t name which Democrats he’s heard about. He said he doesn’t know Sheldon, who represents a different era for the party. Thurston leads a caucus that finds itself outnumbered 75 to 45. By contrast, when Sheldon began an eight-year stint in the House in 1974, there were 93 Democrats and 27 Republicans.

“The fact that (Sheldon) would file to run wouldn’t force me to not to run,” Thurston said. "Ultimately, I'll do what will help the party."