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Bill Clinton swoops into Miami Beach, endorses Philip Levine for mayor


Most endorsements don't mean anything.

But the backing of one of America's most-popular political figures, former President Clinton, might just be a real vote-getter for Philip Levine, running for mayor in Democrat-heavy Miami Beach.

Clinton, visiting Miami Beach today, said he was backing a pal.

"I would be for Philip if we weren't friends, because he puts a premium on cooperation across party lines," Clinton said as he stood next to Levine, according to a press release of his hush-hush visit today.

Clinton's line about cross-party "cooperation" was a subtle push-back against a political group backing one of Levine's opponents, City Commissioner Michael Gongora, that sent out a mailer hitting Levine for giving Republican Sen. Marco Rubio a campaign donation in his 2010 race against then-Gov. Charlie Crist, in the GOP primary.

Levine's camp says he was backing the hometown candidate; but opponents wanted to tar him as a Republican in Democrat-heavy Miami Beach.

Clinton's visit and involvement coincides with the likely decision of his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to run for president in 2016. And it never hurts to shore up support in one of the most-crucial counties of one of the most-crucial swing states.

Press release after photo:


Miami Beach, FL - Today, Philip Levine was honored to receive the endorsement of President Bill Clinton.
President Clinton spoke at a luncheon held to rally many of Philip Levine's supporters at the campaign headquarters.  "Philip walked door-to-door and knocked on over 4,000 doors because he wanted a direct relationship with the people, he wanted to listen, to learn and to sell himself.  I really think that this is an important election, not just for the people of Miami Beach, but for sending a signal of what kind of politics we need in America."
Philip Levine commented, "To say that I am honored to receive President Clinton's endorsement of my candidacy is an understatement.  The correct adjectives are difficult to express, but this is a serious matter and I intend to be a Mayor that the residents will be proud of, as well as my friend President Clinton."
"I think this is an important election. I would be for Philip if we weren't friends, because he puts a premium on cooperation across party lines. America is being damaged by conflict, and we need people who will show up for work everyday. Philip will show up to work and get things done," President Clinton said in closing.
Please visit www.LevineForMayor.com to view Levine's message, learn more about Philip Levine, and join Team Levine for Mayor of Miami Beach.
Election Day is on November 5, 2013.