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Florida Blue: though we're canceling 300k policies, we're giving 'migrating' options


With the political world ablaze over Florida Blue's decision to drop 300,000 health insurance policies, the insurer finally responded (two days later) to the mess. Background here and statement is here:

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all health insurance coverage packages provide 10 categories of essential health benefits.  Because some plans offered by all insurers did not include all of these new services, they will no longer be available.  Approximately 300,000 current Florida Blue members are enrolled in plans that will not meet these new benefit requirements.

Florida Blue is proactively communicating to these members to help them understand how this transition affects them.   Prior to their 2014 renewal date, each member will receive a letter that instructs them to contact Florida Blue to review their migration options. These new plans will offer members access to more comprehensive benefits in 2014.

It is important to note that a person’s individual situation will be the key driver of what they will pay for coverage under the ACA. Subsidies will be available in the marketplace to lower the cost of coverage for eligible individuals, and the amount an individual will pay could vary significantly once his or her specific age, area in which they live, smoking status, family size, and income are factored in.Thank you,Mark Mark S. WrightMedia Relations Consultant