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Following Prez. Clinton, Sen. Bill Nelson endorses Phil Levine for Miami Beach mayor


If endorsements decided elections, Philip Levine would be Miami Beach's mayor by now.

On Tuesday, a few days after former President Bill Clinton endorsed Levine, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson followed suit.

"I know him. I believe in him," Nelson said. "I know his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone and enter public service."

Nelson referenced the importance of Clinton's endorsement in the heavily Democratic area, but he said that Levine isn't sitting back in his race against Commissioner Michael Gongora and personality Steve Berke.

Nelson said Levine's door-knocking work ethic reminds him of his first races decades ago.

"I pounded the  streets, along with my wife. It is amazing what you learn about the needs and wishes of people when you are knocking on doors and listening to people," Nelson said. "It's also amazing what you learn about dogs. I have a profound profound respect for postmen."