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Foreshadowing run for governor, Charlie Crist re-launches website, bashes Rick Scott


CharlieSaint Petersblog, closely associated with fellow St. Peter and former Gov. Charlie Crist, announced the Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat re-launched his longstanding campaign website,, just in time for the 2013 Florida Democratic Party State Conference.

Crist is expected to announce after the conference, but he'll be in attendance.

Crist also released a web video that uses Gov. Rick Scott's motto, "It's working," against the governor. "It's not working," Crist says.

UPDATE: The Republican Party of Florida quickly issued a web ad and this written response: Did you notice what’s missing from Charlie’s new web video that was just released this morning? He forgot to mention the #1 issue most important to Florida voters: jobs and the economy. It’s so blatantly obvious why he doesn’t want to talk about jobs, and that’s because he knows it IS working under Rick Scott – but under his watch as Governor, he was a complete and utter failure.  Look for this to be a running theme from Charlie – talking about anything other than his failed economic record.

 This web video clearly shows Charlie is only about Charlie.

The Saint Petersblog-transcribed script of Crist's ad:

When you allowed me to serve as your Governor – I worked to be the People’s Governor every day.

You, the people, were in charge. I’m an optimist, but let’s face it….

The past few years have been tough…

Government on the fringes, donors and politics above you, the people.

You’ve seen attacks:

·      Against full time working people and their health care.

·      Against women and their doctors.

·      Against teachers, public schools, and college affordability.

·      And even against the simple act of casting your vote.

It’s not working.

Only you, the people, can end this nonsense and get us back to common sense.

That’s the way forward.

Tell me how I can help.

Share your comments with me here. I’ll read every last one.

I work for you, always have, always will.

Note: Post has been updated.

Here's RPOF's quick-response web ad: