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PolitiFact: Gelber says Floridians' paychecks don't go as far today

Gov. Rick Scott is using "gimmicks" to take credit for an economic recovery in Florida, Miami attorney and former state Sen. Dan Gelber writes in an article for the online website, ContextFlorida.

"Scott’s self-congratulatory claims of success simply don’t comport with the harsh facts that for the last decade, Floridians’ salaries have shrunk substantially while the cost of living has increased," Gelber wrote.

First, however, we have to clear up some confusion Gelber created with his statement.

Taken literally, Gelber argues that salaries in Florida decreased over the past decade, while the cost of living increased.

But what Gelber was trying to say is that Floridians’ paychecks don’t go as far today as they did a decade ago. Put another way, salaries "have shrunk substantially" when adjusted for inflation. Inflation is another way of saying cost of living.

 PolitiFact investigates Gelber's claim.