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PPP: Rick Scott nearly ties Nan Rich (37-36%), Charlie Crist wallops him 50-38%


Public Policy Polling, a firm that typically surveys for Democrats and liberals (and that has recently come under fire) released numbers today showing Gov. Rick Scott remains unpopular in Florida and vulnerable in next year's election.

Scott is virtually tied 37-36 with little-known former state Sen. Nan Rich, an announced Democratic candidate struggling to fundraise.

But former Gov. Charlie Crist, expected to announce as a Democrat within a month or so, would soundly beat him under PPP's poll: 50-38%. Crist has bested Scott 52-40 and 53-39 in other PPP surveys. In Quinnipiac polls, Scott has trailed by a lesser margin that still hovers around 10 percentage points.

The poll numbers haven't hurt Scott's fundraising, however, his Let's Get to Work committee continues to pull in money hand over fist.

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